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BECOME THE INDUSTRY LEADER for your product or service. Stop wasting time and money ... increase sales and brand awareness now!


Receive help developing a customized plan, get staff support and investor insights


Find and reach real estate investors, get brand exposure, explore advertising and marketing opportunities


Learn how to successfully market to investors, get industry updates and expert advice

You deserve the opportunity to show off your product and services that are perfect for real estate investors.

But reaching the customer to make the sale and earning their trust can stress you out and be frustrating and overwhelming. And it’s really hard to set yourself apart from others with unreliable, too expensive, or just plain bad products and services. It should be easier to market your product and services to investors!

That's where National REIA comes in!

Be seen as the #1 choice for real estate investors.

time and money on ineffective marketing

Get access to real estate investors who need your products and services

the wheel and going it alone

Connect with the National REIA community and utilize our resources and marketing channels

from being overwhelmed and frustrated

Use less effort to get better results with tools and information from National REIA

We understand.

We know how hard it is to find and communicate with the investors your product would be perfect for.

That's why we’re here ... to make marketing to investors work for YOU.

Since 1985 active and successful real estate investors have been part of a REIA. With over 40,000 member and 120 local Chapters and Lo-cal Associations we are the only non-profit serving independent investors. We’re passionate about the investing community we serve and strive to create exceptional business opportunities that benefit our industry partners and help them meet their objectives.

The access we are given to National REIA’s membership and the recognition we get for our support makes this partnership a tremendous value.
David Pickron
President, Rent Perfect
We have enjoyed a tremendous partnership with National REIA. We are fully aligned with their mission to educate and support investors. Both our organizations are committed to assisting individuals in unlocking their potential, by exploring wealth building opportunities within the world of Real Estate.
Kent Kinzer
Senior Business Development Manager, Equity Trust

Here’s how it works...

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Fill out the form to set an appointment with a staff member

2. Explore

Review potential opportunities for reaching investors

3. Achieve

Work with us to customize a plan to build your business with real estate investors


wasting time and money and stressing out

With thousands of real estate investors to reach, you don’t know how to find and communicate with them all.


growing brand awareness and sales today by getting connected

With the REIA Community and National support you’ll get a customized marketing plan and proven tools to increase your sales and customer base.

At National REIA we know that you want to be seen as the best choice for their needs.

In order to do that you need a way to find and reach real estate investors and a message that will help you increase sales. The problem is it’s hard to find investors, much less market to them and earn their trust which makes you feel stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed.

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We believe you deserve the opportunity to show off the great products and services that you offer.

We know how hard it is to find and communicate with investors.

That’s why we’ve been helping industry partners and vendors get their word out to real estate investors from the beginning. Since 1985 successful real estate investors have been part of REIA and those investors have turned to National REIA to find out who to trust for their needs. With over 120 Chapters and Local As-sociations and 40,000 local members we are the only non-profit association serving independent investors and the product and service providers that serve them.

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