R.E.I.A. Award

At the 2017 MidYear Leadership Conference we previewed the evolution of the Awards of Excellence to Recognizing Excellence in Innovation Award. The Innovation Awards recognize those organizations and people who bring new ideas to life. Whether that idea is big or small, these ideas change the way we experience the REIA world.

We want to applaud those among you who are brave enough to step up, to try something new, to innovate.  We want to take this opportunity to encourage more innovation, more creation of ideas that help us stand out.

The Award is shaped as a triangle/pyramid, or as we see it, the symbol for Delta, in chemistry the change agent. We see the winners of this award as the change agents for the advancement of the industry.

Download the 2019 Award Application

The award is for a single idea – including program, education, event, etc. –  launched or updated in the last 12 months, whose innovative approach has caused market disruption or exciting increase in member value.


The Implemented Idea Must Do One of the Following:

Have differentiation from other ideas/activities/policies currently seen in the REIA community

Have a fresh way of looking at an existing idea

If an extension to a current idea, it must have substantial modification or adaptation

Idea should have been introduced to your REIA between January 2018 and December 2018

The R.E.I.A. Award:
Arizona REIA

AZREIA developed and implemented outstanding system that personalizes the entire membership experience at their association. For their efforts they were awarded the first annual R.E.I.A award.

Honors of Merit Communications:
RPOA of Kent County

For outstanding membership communications and for their highly acclaimed real estate investor podcast.

Honors of Merit:
Membership Systems

For implementing a scale-able membership platform that combined seven systems into one that allows them to better facilitate on-boarding of new members as well as meeting the needs of existing members while strengthening their relationship with Traction.

Honors of Merit Community Outreach:
Toledo REIA

For their philanthropic project “Donate-a-House” where abandoned houses are turned into a win-win for investors, vendors and the greater community. Proceeds of the home’s final sale go to the local food bank.