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  • Contractor Guts Wrong House February 27, 2017
    A “huge misunderstanding” resulted in contractors recently gutting the wrong house in Ft. Worth, TX.  According to the Star Telegram, a demolition crew arrived at what they thought was a house they were hired to gut, however instead of verifying the address on the house they were looking for (in this case 2700) they only […]
  • Median Size of New Single Family Homes February 27, 2017
    The NAHB’s Eye on Housing is reporting that the size of new single-family homes continued their trend of decreasing in size during the fourth quarter of 2016.  According to the report, the median single-family square floor area was 2,453 square feet, and the average (mean) square footage for new single-family homes was 2,661 square feet.  Bottom line; […]
  • Top 20 Best Cities to Invest in Housing in 2017 February 24, 2017
    Forbes recently teamed up with National REIA preferred vendor Local Market Monitor to come up with the top 20 markets where population, jobs and home prices are growing.  In her weekly podcast, Kathy Fettke breaks that list down and further discusses what these cities have to offer – as well as her take on the […]
  • All the President’s Home Prices February 24, 2017
    This week we saw another President’s Day come and go.  For some it was a day off, but for many it was just another workday.  However it’s actually a celebration of George Washington’s birthday, celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February (his actual birthday is 2/22, 1732).  The day is now known as a President’s […]
  • U.S. Cities That Are Gentrifying the Fastest February 23, 2017
    For some the word gentrification conjures up images of displacement and for most it’s what happens when rundown neighborhoods get a massive upgrade.  Either way, you cannot deny that when a neighborhood that’s in severe decay is transformed into something vibrant & dynamic it is a good thing.  To that end, recently put together […]
  • Survey Finds More Than Half of Homebuyers Surprised by Closing Costs February 22, 2017
    A recent survey by closing cost data & technology provider ClosingCorp found that over half of homebuyers are still surprised by closing costs, in spite of the year-old TRID rules that were supposed to help consumers better understand costs when buying a home.  The survey interviewed 1,000 first-time and repeat homebuyers who had purchased a […]
  • U-Haul’s 2016 U.S. Growth Cities February 22, 2017
    In their recently released report of the top 2016 U.S. Growth Cities, U-Haul reports that Madison, Wisconsin is the number one growth city for locations with a population more than 50k, with arrivals accounted for 53% of one-way U-Haul traffic. U-Haul Growth Cities are calculated by the net gain of one-way U-Haul truck arrivals over […]
  • Apartment Sector Remains Healthy, But May Be Nearing Slowdown February 21, 2017
    Online real estate marketplace, Ten-X recently released their latest U.S. Apartment Market Outlook which included their top five Buy and ‘Sell U.S. markets for multifamily real estate.  The report also says that the “apartment sector remains strong after years of booming growth, but may now be primed for a slowdown after far surpassing its prior […]
  • US Household Debt at Highest Levels Since 2008 February 21, 2017
    The NY Fed’s Center for Microeconomic Data is reporting that total household debt increased by 1.8% in the fourth quarter of 2016, rising $226 billion to reach $12.58 trillion, only $99 billion short of its peak in Q3 of 2008.  The CMD’s latest Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit provides unique data and insight into […]