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  • America’s Longest & Shortest Commuting Times December 15, 2017
    Where are drivers sitting in their cars the longest and shortest across the nation?  That’s the focus of today’s infographic from the Census Bureau which looks at America’s average one-way commuting times for the 10 best and worst cities. We just hope you’re not sitting in your car, stuck in traffic, reading this in on […]
  • Zillow: Blame Single-Family Rentals for Lower Home Sales December 14, 2017
    Real estate marketplace Zillow has an interesting take on the current affordable housing crunch.  In a recent release, they say that the boom in single-family rentals has contributed to a crunch in affordable housing inventory for-sale, which has limited options for lower & middle-income buyers.  They report that the number of single-family homes that are […]
  • Foreclosure Inventory Rate Lowest in a Decade December 14, 2017
    In their most recent Loan Performance Insights Report, CoreLogic says that, across the nation, 5% of mortgages were in some stage of delinquency in September 2017, which is 0.2 percentage points less than it was in September 2016.  The foreclosure inventory rate was 0.6%, which was also down 0.2 percentage points from 2016.  In addition, […]
  • Tax Lien Investing & Finding Distressed Properties December 13, 2017
    In a recent podcast, the RPOA’s Brian Hamrick speaks with Hunter Carlile, who, at the age of 44, lost his corporate job and had to figure out how he would support his wife and three kids.  Since then he has bought/sold or rented over 200 homes – primarily through tax lien investing.  Hunter shares his […]
  • Flipping Returns at Two-Year Low December 13, 2017
    In their most recent U.S. Home Flipping Report, ATTOM data solutions is reporting that homes flipped in Q3 2017 had an average gross flipping profit of $66,448 per flip, representing an average 47.7% return on investment, down from 48.7% in the previous quarter and down from 51.2%  in Q3 2016.  The latest number is the […]
  • Protesters Attempt to Disrupt Landlord Conference December 12, 2017
    Rental Housing Journal is reporting that around 75 protestors recently showed up to voice “their” concerns about landlord-tenant relations at the Trends Rental Housing Management Conference and Tradeshow Show, which took place in Seattle, earlier this month. “Tenant rights, labor, and housing advocate groups planned a day of protests and education to ‘counterbalance the presence […]
  • 2017’s Pest of the Year: Bed Bugs December 12, 2017
    Bed bugs are no stranger to a real estate investor’s world – especially if you have rental property.  Pest fighters Terminix recently released their first-ever Entomologists’ Almanac which named bed bugs 2017’s Pest of the Year.  Their research indicated that bed bugs not only garnered the highest online search volume for any pest this year, […]
  • Neighborhood Intelligence December 11, 2017
    Good intelligence about a neighborhood can be priceless – especially when you want to know what criminal activity has taken place.  The LexisNexis Community Crime Map is a free online resource that lets you zero-in on a whole host of variables affecting your property (or the one you’re thinking about purchasing).  It’s good intel and […]
  • Worst Cities for Infrastructure December 11, 2017
    What are the best 10 cities in America for infrastructure?  Leave it to the folks at to put pen to paper to find out.  They looked at the largest 150 metros across the country and rated them such items as; Percentage of roads in “good” or “fair” condition (who doesn’t hate potholes?), percentage of […]