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  • Types of Hurricanes July 19, 2019
    Beginning in June and going through November, this year’s hurricane season is well underway.  In fact, Hurricane Barry recently crawled up the Mississippi Valley – a storm that seemingly popped up overnight.  That being said, the folks over at Restoration 1 put together this handy chart about the types of hurricanes and their potential for […]
  • Survey Finds Realtor Commissions are Top Pain-Point July 18, 2019
    According to NAR publication Realtor Magazine, a recent survey by blockchain provider Shelterzoom, Realtor commissions are the top reason for consumer dissatisfaction in real estate transactions.  The perhaps “obvious” finding was part of a survey of over 1k consumers to find out their top complaints and concerns in the homebuying process.  In addition, they report […]
  • Vacation Rental Buyers Profile July 18, 2019
    Who are buying properties to rent out as a vacation homes?  A recent report from rental site Vacasa says the best way to sell a vacation home is to know who’s in the market to buy one so they commissioned a survey to find out.  Interestingly, they show that more mature millennials and young Gen […]
  • Percent of Vacation Homes in Each State July 17, 2019
    What is the percentage of vacation homes in each U.S. state?  Investment property exchange site IPX1031 sifted through census data (which defines a vacation home as a housing unit that is “vacant for seasonal, recreational, or occasional use”) to come up with 50-state list of the hottest spots.  They looked through 29k different census designated […]
  • American Suburbs Swell as a New Generations Escape the City July 17, 2019
    America’s suburbs are experiencing growing pains from a large flow of new residents, which is straining schools, traffic and other resources.  A recent story in  the Wall Street Journal (reposted on highlights these struggles as well focusing on area outside of Raleigh, NC where this phenomenon is taking place.  We also had a recent […]
  • Buying with Private Money July 16, 2019
    Buying with Private Money By Pete Youngs When buying a property, sometimes it is better to use other people’s money (OPM) rather than your own. This is actually how a lot of successful investors got their start.  There are several different ways to do this, however the two most common are Hard Money Loans or […]
  • Yardi Says Rents Rising Robustly July 16, 2019
    According to the latest Yardi Matrix, U.S. multifamily rents rose slightly in June, coming in at $1,465 with year-over-year growth increasing slightly to 3.3%.  Yardi says rents “rose robustly” in Q2 with the market’s consistent growth once again showing no signs of waning.  Indeed… “Absent an unforeseen exogenous event, demand for multifamily shows no signs […]
  • How High are the Sales Taxes in Your State? July 15, 2019
    You could say that sales taxes are the one tax that truly affects every person – it’s the classic consumption tax.  It is also the one politicians often reach for to ratchet-up for their favorite pet project. That being said, the folks over at the Tax Foundation recently put together some numbers showing combined sales […]
  • Census Releases 2018 Characteristics of New Housing July 15, 2019
    The U.S. Census Bureau recently released their 2018 Characteristics of New Housing Report that provides annual statistics on the characteristics of new privately-owned residential structures. The report also includes characteristics such as the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, location of the laundry room, presence of an HOA, the buyer’s source of financing and square footage. […]