Terrorism Awareness

Written by Charles Tassell

This is a phrase you never want to hear coming from yourself! However, if you have been in the business
very long, the thought has probably crossed your mind. As property owners and managers, the thought that the terrorists on the three different flights on 9/11 rented from someone, sends a chill down our spine. Add to that the chill of balancing the tension of the threat of a federal discrimination lawsuit if decisions are based on color, race, religion, or national origin. As screening agents, we often want to act like the proverbial ostrich with our head in the sand.

As good stewards of our properties and as citizens of our country, we can still address concerns without discrimination. Attention needs to be focused on actions and behaviors rather than the 7 pillars of the protected classes. Consistent application of screening, leasing, and rules is essential to professional management.

California Bed Bug Law in effect as of July 1, 2017.

As of July 1, 2017 all new rental contracts will need to be up to date with the new bed bug code.

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National REIA Community Outreach

National REIA’s COO, Charles Tassell and former State Representative Dale Mallory discuss Community Outreach

Updates on Service Animals

from Pennsylvania Attorney Brad Dornish

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that substantially more than half of all households in America own either a dog or a cat. Many of those who own pets consider them to be members of the family, and dogs didn’t get the name “man’s best friend” for nothing. Pets teach children responsibility for other living animals and provide companionship, security and affection.

Landlords know dogs can chew on moldings, scratch doors and floors, urinate and defecate on carpets and other flooring, bark and run across floors annoying neighbors, smell bad, and shed, clogging furnace filters and embedding fur in carpets, and causing allergic reactions and asthma attacks for allergic and asthmatic tenants in other units. Cats may be even more destructive to rental housing.


Let’s Take the Opportunity to Reform HUD

By Charles Tassell, Chief Operating Officer, National REIA

In early December, Howard Husock, The Vice President for research and publications at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor to City Journal, and author of the Trillion Dollar Mistake, published an articulate summary of five key initial fixes for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Among those following up on the summation was the venerable Wall Street Journal. The article points out that now is the time for action and Dr. Ben Carson is precisely the man to transform a nineteenth century housing hand-out and hammer the institution into a 21st century helping hand organization. For Mr. Husock’s full story please see “Laying a New Foundation at HUD; Five things Ben Carson can do right away to improve public housing and reduce government dependency,” at City-Journal.org.


2016 Efforts Making Progress on Seller Finance Issues

July SFC Fly-in was a Great Success

Learn More About the Seller Coalition Finance DC Fly-In

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