Opportunity Zones
Are you hosting an event about Opportunity Zones? If not, please start planning one! A panel that includes a local attorney familiar with the program and municipal or state economic development staff could be very beneficial for you and your members.  Click here to see a national interactive map of the Opportunity Zones.National REIA is working with industry partners to provide webinars and a process for gap funding of redevelopments.
 You can also click here to see several stories we’ve posted on Real Estate Investing Today about these special zones. Stay tuned…there will be more to come!
Government Shutdown
Below is a media release National REIA recently sent out regarding the federal government’s partial shutdown:
NREIA Reminds US Government Employees that if they Rent, Communicate!
The National Real Estate Investors Association is reminding federal government employees affected by the partial-government shutdown that if they have concerns about the ability to pay their rent to talk with their property owner or manager as soon as possible.
Charles Tassell, NREIA’s COO, said “If you are a government employee concerned about being able to pay the rent, be sure to talk with your property owner or manager sooner rather than later! Property owners, whether individuals or companies, have their own bills to pay, as well as rules and fees in place for non-payment of rent.” In addition, Tassell further pointed out that “As banks will probably not cut landlords any slack on their mortgage payments, they need to know as early as possible if there might be an issue. Communicating early and often is the best way to head off any potential problems and possibly work out a solution.”
As a property owner, typically our resident’s occupation is known to us, and as such it would behoove us to reach out to them if they are a government employee. How you handle it from there is up to you, but being forewarned is a key aspect of preparation. Additionally, as the shutdown continues, there will be a cascade effect on contractors and vendors that could also impact rental income. Be aware!