Ding Dong, the Witch is dead!

Remember the celebration in the Wizard of Oz by the Little People when the old witch was, um, re-housed?  California’s Proposition 10’s recent defeat has caused a similar sensation.  Golden State voters said NO (60/40) to the expansion of “rent stabilization,” which is PC for rent control in record numbers.  Make no mistake, there is a housing affordability issue in California, and people are struggling – especially working-class families and service industry support staff.  However, the core idea that limiting price will, in any way, alleviate the problem is economic suicide.  The experiments in several American cities and numerous socialist and communist countries contrast dramatically with the benefits of a free and open housing economy: just compare prices and housing quality.

While the housing community, joined by millions of California citizens, dropped a $65 million campaign on Proposition 10, the underlying belief that government intervention in the economy through rent control or in other ways is still strong across the nation.  Over the next 2 years, the issue will play out in Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.  Residents of these states may have the opportunity to vote or as in the case of Illinois, the legislature will likely overturn the ban on “rent stabilization.”  This will pave the road for municipalities to immediately kill housing development in their community by artificially inflating the cost of housing.  Similarly, several states are also addressing the process as another method of addressing homelessness and affordability – as though not paying the rent, and hence eviction are somehow policy issues rather than a natural consequence and a factor of personal responsibility.  Congratulations to Californians and thanks to all those involved.  Sadly, this bad Witch will likely return…Stay tuned.


Companion Animals

So far this legislative cycle, over 30 states have introduced various bills addressing the abuse of the companion animal as ADA required accommodations.  The bills range in approach from increased fines for deceptive practices, to limits on qualifications for Fluffy (the 10’ snake) being determined as medically necessary by an in-state doctor through personal visits.  Bill Track 50 is watching this issue and many more.  When your property gets destroyed by an accommodated pot belly pig and ITS companion duck, the necessity for engagement becomes clear!  Can you hear me now?   That’s how I feel about HUD who was going to have modifications on the companion animal issue out in April…Oh the speed of government.


The Election is Over (this message approved by the community to sling mud against everyone…)

Maybe the message should be brought by all the greatly enriched advertising folks.  They have to be planning a great year-end bonus after the hundreds of millions spent on advertising to slander political opponents.  But seriously, let’s discuss Congress…While that sounds like a punchline, there will be a couple of major items for this lame duck congress to address.  As this will be the last of the all GOP-controlled federal government, be ready for some last minute efforts to address some items that have been on the To Do List for quite some time.  There will be a vote in December on a Continuing Resolution (also known as a CR).  This will provide the funding for the government, ideally until a budget is passed.  However, since one hasn’t been passed in 10 years, we may have entered a new phase of government where kicking the proverbial can down the road is the only way to keep the doors open and the lights on.  This bill will likely be an omnibus bill with everything including the kitchen sink amended to it.  It will be a December holiday bill…often referred to as a Christmas Tree Bill because of all the ornaments hung on it – ornaments that impact us little people with regulations, taxes, and rules…


As a parting thought, the words of Will Rogers: “Be thankful we aren’t getting all the government we pay for…”




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