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  • The National REIA annual Winter Cruise is an extraordinary education seminar at sea, led by some of the world’s
    most respected real estate speakers on board the most exciting cruise ships in the world.
  • The MidYear Leadership Conference and Expo brings together leaders of associations from across the country for an extended weekend of training and networking.
  • MARTECH Conference features an interactive, hands-on learning environment for a small, select group of dedicated association leaders.

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  • National REIA supports and facilitates the development of state lobbying associations to help curb legislation that is harmful to our industry. We also provide legislative calls to action.
  • Periodic e-news bulletins and media releases are distributed to leaders of real estate and landlording associations.
  • We are dedicated to keeping our members up to date on important news and trending topics in the real estate investing industry . Daily updates can be found at Real Estate Investing Today.

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  • All associations in good standing are listed in the National REIA Directory. These listings, which often include a link to the group’s website, provide valuable referrals to help build your membership into a strong network of local investors.
  • Technology solutions such as website creation, branding, social media marketing and more available through REIA Resources in order to help you build and manage your REIA.