This new pilot program from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) allows consumers to review and file mortgage closing documents electronically. The program includes guidance on how lenders can participate in the program. The CFPB gathers consumer complaints and anticipates potential consumer abuses regarding mortgage closings. The CFPB believes closing documents are too complex and more time is needed for consumers to review them. Essentially, the CFPB feels the stacks of paper presented to consumers at the closing are overwhelming, and this program will allow consumers more time to review the documents. The CFPB wants to reduce costs and risks associated with closings. Additionally, the CFPB wants to increase consumer understanding of the closing process and eliminate surprises at the closing table. There is no evidence to suggest consumers are more likely to read documents any more thoroughly or carefully online than at the closing table. The CFPB also recognizes the potential for a data security breach. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which has oversight of Fannie and Freddie, applauded the new pilot program. Consumer groups weighed in and are concerned about consumers who do not have Internet access.