Now that we’re all home. It’s time to start thinking about how we can implement some of the ideas we heard about at Mid Year. Marc Sherby of Diversified Investors Group (DIG) praised the event syaing, “This is my third [Mid Year] and I learn, hear, observe and get driven more each time. But attending was the easy part. Now comes the more challenging part. Putting all of that I learned into practice.”

As we return from Mid Year with technology on the brain, we turn our focus to making the Fall Marketing and Technology Conference the best it has ever been

This event continues to inspire leaders from across the country, but as more of the discussion revolves around the technological advancements that can really improve real estate investing, we set our sights on the Fall Marketing and Technology Conference which will help National REIA members learn about and utilize tools that will help them attract, educate, retain and engage their members.

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